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Health without Antibiotics


Health without Antibiotics

Microbionical develops products aiming at increased human health without risks of development of resistant microorganisms.

Skin Care

Athlete Foot Lotion

Athlete's foot is an infection that often is acquired in public shower rooms.

The first sign of Athlete's foot consists of unpleasant odors from the feet. Athlete Foot Lotion reduces these problems by changing the ecologic balance of the feet.

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Antibiotic Resistance

Bacteria are very rapidly becoming resistant towards antibiotics, representing one of the greatest threats to human health worldwide. more

Seek & Heal™ - similarity to antibiotics

Antibiotics revolutionized antibacterial therapy when they were introduced during World War II. They selectively kill bacteria, without harming human tissues.

Particles of Seek & Heal™ technology selectively adhere to e.g. bacteria and release an encapsulated substance.

The drug hence treats the bacteria, without harming human healthy tissues. more

Drug targeting

Seek & Heal™ drug targeting technology is based on particles that adhere to bacteria but not to human healthy tissues.

The particles encapsulate a pharmaceutical or coloring substance

After adhering to a bacterium, the particles release the substance and the bacterium is killed or marked with color. more

Seek & Heal™ wound therapy

A variety of substances have been encapsulated in the Seek & Heal™ particles. A common feature for the products is that the particles will adhere to foreign cells, like bacteria, and not to human healthy tissues.

Burn wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers and surgical wounds are frequently infected. When the infection is caused by resistant bacteria, human suffering and hospital costs are significant. more

Seek & Heal™ particles, encapsulating an antiseptic substance eliminates bacteria in the wound, without harming human healthy tissues. more