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Nanotechnology - Seek & Heal™ Targeting



A nanoemulsion is defined with best
precision as having droplet diameters
less than 1000 nm (de Villiers et al., "Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery",
Springer 2009).

US government’s National Nanotech-
nology Initiative has defined nano-
technology as ‘‘the understanding and
control of matter at dimensions of
roughly 1–100 nm".

A highly unserious illustration of the
size is shown below.



Laser light scattering in a solution of Seek & Heal™ nanoparticles



Nano size beneficial in Seek & Heal™ technology

The size of Seek & Heal™ nanoparticles are in submicrometer range, and hence comparable to bacteria in size.

The particles are therefore not obstructed by size in their search for bacteria.

One of the product development goals was that targeting of a bacterium using a single nanoparticle will release
sufficient pharmaceutical drug to kill that bacterium.