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Antimicrobial Substances, Antiseptics


Antiseptics in wounds


Since the dawn of medical treatment, it has been
realized that avoiding infections in wounds will
increase the probability of patient survival.

During World War I antiseptics like Dakin's solution
and Dichloramine-T where used in wounds, and already Alexander Fleming nted that antiseptics
were toxic not only for bacteria but also for human tissues..

When antibiotics were discovered as antimicrobials,
antiseptic substances became merely historically

Antiseptic substances - Not in wounds

Today, when antibiotics are rapidly becoming in-
efficient due to bacterial resistance, antiseptics is
one way to tackle the need to avoid infections.

Antiseptics are used to eliminate bacteria e.g. at
instrument surfaces and at intact skin.

Antiseptics are quite effective in killing bacteria.
Unfortunately they are not selective, i.e. they da-
mage healthy tissues as efficiently as bacteria.
The damages cause prolonged wound healing
and scar formation.

Use of antiseptic substances is therefore avoided
in modern wound care. Instead care today relies
on aseptic techniques, i.e. one tries to avoid
contamination of bacteria by working in a clean

Should infection occur, it is treated by antibiotics,
or left for the patient's immune system to cure.



Targeting - Use antiseptics in wounds

By a combination of selectivity and antiseptics,
Seek & Heal™ targeting from Microbionical
represents a new and promising type of
antiseptic products.

The active agent is selectively targeted towards individual bacteria cells or towards colonies of bacteria.

Seek & Heal™ targeting results in that bacteria
are exposed to higher concentrations of anti-
microbial substance than the patient's healthy

During wound treatment, bacteria are damaged. more

Blood and healthy tissues are left intact. more

As a consequence of that bacteria are killed, while
human tissues are left intact, rapid healing of the
wound without scar formation is expected.

Wound care due to selectivity

A therapy from Microbionical will allow direct anti-
septic treatment of open wounds.

This permits

• decrease risks of infection
• control of resistant bacteria,
• reduction of antibiotic resistance,
• longer intervals between bandage replacements
• less suffering for patients
• decreased hospital costs