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Targeting of Bacteria





Seek & Heal™ - bacteria hunting

The nanoparticles that build the Seek& Heal™
targeting, adhere to bacteria, and then release
their content of drug.

Annihilation of bacteria

The diagram below at right shows area of bacteria
killing zones on agar plates at the vertical axis, versus
concentration of an antimicrobial substance. A larger
killing zone implies a more effective formulation.

As seen in the diagram, the
bacteria were damaged to the
same extent irrespective of
when the antimicrobial sub-
stance was administered en-
capsulated in Seek & Heal™
particles (SH29) or without
carrier (AMS).

The results show that bacteria
are killed equally efficient when
the antimicrobial substance is
administered using the Seek
& Heal™ targeting particles,
as when no carrier is used.

Human cells, however, were
not killed when Seek& Heal™
particles were used. more