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Targeting is the method of increasing
the concentration of a substance close
to a target.

Common technologies use the EPR
effect or ligands that attach to specific
molecules on the target tissue.



Experimental verification of targeting

The nanoparticles according to
Seek & Heal™ targeting technology
adheres to foreign cells in the human
body and releases their content of
pharmaceutical substance.

Seek & Heal™ nanoparticles were
charged with a colored dye, insoluble
in water. A solution containing these
particles was added to a Petri dish
containing bacteria E coli that had
been grown overnight.

The images at right show bacteria,
targeted with the colored dye.

The upper image shows the Petri dish
with bacteria, three hours after addition
of the Seek & Heal™ targeting particles.

The lower images show details from
the Petri dish after 0, 3, 6 and 26 hours
respectively (top to bottom).

Targeting of bacteria is clearly visible,
as seen by increased concentration
of color.

During targeting and shaking when
photographing the bacteria colonies
became slightly disintegrated.