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Chemotherapy using Seek & Heal™ technology






Cytostatic action

Seek & Heal™ targeting

Neoplastic cells, e.g. cancer tumors and metastases, use metabolism paths different from human normal tissue cells. One of these paths is used in Seek& Heal™ targeting.

Seek & Heal™ particles, containing a cytotoxic substance, adhere to neoplastic cells. The particles are then degraded, and high concentrations of cytotoxic substance are liberated close to the neoplastic cell. The cancer cell is killed without damages human healthy tissues.

The in vitro results show high potency of the cytotoxic substance, comparable to what is published in literature for not encapsulated substance.

The results indicate that Seek&Heal™ targeting can be used during chemotherapy. The technology may also solve the important problem of finding metastases that are too small to be detected using present techniques.



Experimental details and results

Using standard experimental methods, the efficacy of the Seek & Heal™ targeting formulation E76 in killing cancer cells was investigated in collaboration with Spago Imaging AB.

Four different cell lines were used in the tests:

• two types of prostate cancer
• one type of liver cancer
• one type of breast cancer

The results are summarized below.

Approximate concentrations of Formulation E76 that killed 50 % of the cancer cells (LD50). Results from four experiments with each cell type.  

  Cancer type
Line LD50 (parts per million)
  Prostate DU 145 3
  Prostate PC-3 9
  Liver Hep G2 5
  Breast MDA-MB-436 6

Due to variation in the experimental results, the averages of data from all cell types are given in the figure below.

Cytotoxic verification

The formulation used was not targeting red blood cells.

The concentrations of drug at which the cancer cells were killed were analogous to published literature results of not encapsulated drug.

The experiment provides evidence that Seek & Heal™ targeting may also be successful in elimination of cancer cells.

If these encouraging in vitro results remain during studies in vivo, Seek & Heal™ targeting from Microbionical will provide a promising new tool in cancer treatment.